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Computer viruses create serious trouble for computers, and the professionals at Long Island Computer Consultants use aggressive and advanced means for virus removal Island Park. When viruses are removed, every component of the virus is gone, they are completely removed. We shut down all the virus' exploits. We can increase your security by enhancing your existing firewall or building you one that goes in front of your whole network.

A computer virus is a malicious program which damages your computer's system, including very important data, and can access programs and important files in your entire network. Some can even replicate themselves. Your business can be put in serious trouble with a computer virus lingering in the network.


spyware and adware removal

Symptoms that your computer may be infected with a virus:

• your virus scanner no longer works
• your applications no longer work
• your hard drive fills up and the files there are unseen
• your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes
• your system's start up is slow
• you have many popups
• you can't print correctly
• your mail server is extreme busy with mail you aren't sending
• if you can't access the internet
• if in web searching you are lead to other websites
• there are unusual error messages on your computer

Trojans, once entering your computer, begins to allow a hacker into your computer, who can then be basically taking over it. The hacker can alter the applications in your computer, send an abundance of email, even get information on your keystrokes which puts your passwords and credit card information at risk. Spyware is as menacing as a virus as it gathers information about your surfing habits and sends the information to an unknown site. Adware pops up advertising windows and banners randomly, also gathering your information through your internet connection.

It seems that each week there are many new viruses, spyware and adware spreading around and increasing quickly.

Virus removal Island Park keeps up to date with the ever-increasing amount of viruses there are, and we will totally remove any computer virus you have, whether your computer is a Windows or Mac system. Call Long Island Computer Consultants today to remove all viruses, spyware and adware from your computer by calling


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